Mystery Science

Former Facebook Product Manager Keith Schacht approached me

to design the identity for an exciting new venture of his called Mystery Science.


The aim was to encapsulate the fun and exploitative aspect of learning science into an identity that also felt professional, and semi-corporate in nature. Something that would suite an adult audience as well as elementary teachers and students alike.

A completely custom logotype was created for this, paying homage to the playful identities and

type styles of the 1950’s & 60’s.The M from Mystery needed to be unique as it would serve as

the icon for applications, and other simpler applications.


About Mystery Science:

” Mystery Science provides open-and-go lessons that inspire kids to love science. The online resource makes it easy for elementary school teachers to deliver an incredible science lesson without a science background. Rather than a textbook approach to science vocabulary, hands-on activities engage students with the mysteries of science and expose them to the joy of scientific inquiry at an early age. Lessons are aligned with Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards and designed to supplement existing curriculum.”